Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

The Gearbox family welcomes Kataklism. It’s a step in the good direction for the Italian. He also brings experience to the label. In June Typhoon announced that he had changed his act name to Kataklism, because of personal reasons through a Facebook message.

Typhoon is known for his hits ‘Cop Killa’ and ‘Glimpse Of The Future’. He released his first tracks on the labels Unite Records and Xtreme Records and he is familiar with the scene. The Italian was part of Defqon.1, QAPITAL and Supremacy as Typhoon.

Gearbox Digital is a rising Scottish label. With upcoming artists like Rebelion, Malice, Luminite and Rooler the label is making name for itself. Because of the popularity of Gearbox their events are sold out in no time.

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