Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

For quite some time now Headhunterz kept his fans on the edge of their seats with mysterious vlogs, hints and even a fake event on Facebook to try and fool everyone. But now everything falls into place. While people first thought Headhunterz would ‘only’ return to Defqon.1 to perform during the Legends set, it appears something a lot bigger is at stake here: Headhunterz is back!

At 20:00 the Legends started to rock the RED Mainstage of Defqon.1 last night and one massive classic after another seared across the stage. Artists like Showtek, The Prophet, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Noisecontrollers, Donkey Rollers and Wildstylez rose to the stage. Around 21:20 something else happened. Everything went silent and suddenly the first notes of ‘Sacrifice’ were heard. It seemed as if a sea of goosebumps waved across the audience. This is it baby! Next up was a familiar voice echoing over the terrain:

“Dear members of the hardstyle community. Exactly one year ago I stood before you. And it was a life-changing experience for me. In this world you can be anyone doing anything if you fight for it. But I’m done fighting, done running. Whatever is out there in the world to achieve. There is only one thing left for me to do. And that, is to surrender. To who I really am. Thank you, for showing me the way.”

After these words from the man himself the choir of ‘Sacrifice’ started to play and the known Q-dance voice continued the story:

“Three years ago, an unrivalled legend ventured into new territories in search of his true purpose. Time has revealed his destiny, to return home and sacrifice himself to hardstyle. Forever. Headhunterz is back!”

.. .
After ‘Sacrifice’ tracks like ‘Rock Civilization’‘Scrap Attack’‘Summer of Hardstyle’ and his remix ‘Her Voice’ were played. He later returned on-stage to play ‘World of Madness’ together with Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers. After the ending show leaflets were handed out with a special message from Headhunterz himself. It’s a big letter, but we didn’t want to keep it from you.

“Dear hardstyle family member,

Yes, this letter is for you, one of Defqon.1’s weekend warriors. Remember the picture on this poster (omslagfoto van dit bericht)? It was taken exactly one year ago, a moment in time that changed my life.

2014 – I was learning a lot of new techniques as a producer, seeing new places and standing on my own feet, out there in the big bad world. Despite not having found what I was hoping for, I was doing pretty well. I thought…

When I appeared before you at Defqon.1 2016, I literally broke down. My world fell apart and I saw the bigger picture. Suddenly feeling so tired of going against the stream of my true nature, all the pieces of my puzzle fell together. I had left home only to set out on a journey back to where I started. But now I have been given the answers I was looking for. I did not fall in love with hardstyle just because I grew up with it. It was love at first sight with hardstyle and myself! I fell in love because it was the only music in the world that connected with every part of me that made me human. Raw emotion and energy, uncontaminated and right underneath the surface of our rapidly moving society that consumes everything in its path. It has united people like nothing I have ever seen in my life and it has made even the toughest men shed tears at times, like it did at that moment in time.

That day changed me as a person. I no longer felt the need to prove myself and the world that I could do it all. The illusion that something else better than this is out there evaporated. I made it to the elephant graveyard and back. Thank you for showing me the way home. Thank you for always leaving the door open. I hereby return as a humbled member of the community, offering my works, commited to spreading the word.

One day, sooner of later, we see this music is our destiny.


In an exclusive video-interview with Hard News Headhunterz tells all about the period between his ‘goodbye’ and his return, his vision on hardstyle and his big plans for the (near) future. Keep a close eye on us, because the interview with appear online somewhere in the next few days.


  • Bene 26 June 2017 - 11:55

    The letter truly Comes from his heart, it was beautiful watching the livestream yesterday. What was even more beautiful is the announcement for Project One at Electric Love. Before i ever heard of EDM/Trap/DnB or even Hardstyle, i heard of headhunterz and Project One. I never had the Chance to see Hardstyle-Heady or Project One live-until now. I hope they Play on Friday, the day i turn 18 yo, it would be the most beautiful birthday gift i will have ever received


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