Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

This year, there are as we know three artists responsible for the more than nine minute lasting Defqon.1 anthem. It consists of three tracks and KELTEK is the first DJ who’s going to release his part as solo production.

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This year, Q-dance gave three different DJs the task to make one big anthem for Defqon.1. KELTEK, Phuture Noize and Sefa got the honor to make the special track for the biggest harder styles festival of the world. The different styles of the three artists stand out clearly in the track and these pieces will be released individually.

The DJs played their own parts for weeks in their sets and now they can release it. Now KELTEK has announced on Facebook his track will be released very soon: “This Friday my Defqon.1 anthem will get it’s solo release.”

KELTEK will release his Defqon.1 anthem this Friday

KELTEK is the first who will release his solo anthem of Defqon.1, but it’s not clear when Phuture Noize and Sefa will do that. For more information about the festival, go to the website of Q-dance.

Photo by Facebook page KELTEK

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