Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Last week a mysterious X appeared in timelines of the artists who are (or were) part of the Scottish label Gearbox Digital. There was loads of speculation about what the meaning of the X was… Until now! 

Gearbox Digital will celebrate its 10th anniversary during a 13-hour raw spectacle, together with all the greats and talents that have formed Gearbox over the past 10 years and also artists that have a special bond with the label. Furthermore there are loads of showcases planned, such as Gearbox Overdrive, Gearbox Classics, Gearbox The Future and many more…

This is the 10 Years Gearbox Digital line-up:

Rebelion | D-Sturb | Delete | Malice | Rooler | Unresolved | Ncrypta | Luminite LIVE | Thyron LIVE | Physika | Krowdexx | Hosted by MC Focus | Showcases: Gearbox Classics | 10 Years Gearbox | Gearbox Revolutions | Gearbox Euphoria | Gearbox Overdrive | Gearbox The Future | New Dawn | Gearbox HD | Hosted by MC Democian

Anniversary of Gearbox Digital in the Central Studios

10 Years Gearbox Digital will take place on the 19th of October 2019 in the Central Studios in Utrecht. Ticket sales start on Thursday the 27th of June at 7:00 PM. Die-hards can already register via or to be the first to get their tickets including a goodie.

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