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“Guiding you on your defining path, Ncrypta has joined the pieces of the puzzle and proudly presents his new movement and record label: IDENTITY.” Last week, none other than Ncrypta introduced his very own label. We talked to Markus about the vision of Identity, what we may expect in the future & much more.  

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Running his own label had been a big dream of Ncrypta for quite a long time, but according to Markus, the time just wasn’t right yet. “I had to focus on Ncrypta and make myself more known in the scene first. Since I left Gearbox in November last year, I felt that time had come… And then, Identity was born.”

As Ncrypta, Markus will be leading the brand new label. This means he will both actively release his own tracks on Identity, and lead it in the background. “I’ll be scouting new talents in the future to increase the diversity of styles and I’ll have full control about what’s going on behind the scenes.”

“If the quality is good – there will be no boundaries. That’s freedom in my opinion”

Ncrypta is known for the variety he presents in his music. Therefore, also the brand-new label Identity will not house any specific sub genres. “Identity can’t be put into boxes. There will be harder tracks and some softer ones too, like I did in the past sometimes. But most importantly – there are no guidelines for artists to adapt their Identity. If the quality is good – there will be no boundaries. That’s freedom in my opinion.”

Ncrypta Identity label

For now, the other artists that will be releasing on the label won’t be announced just yet. “To be honest, there’s a few collabs scheduled for the time being, but I won’t say anything about them. We want to surprise you with individual concepts and background stories for each track and yeah – we will have collabs from soft to hard. Everything is possible.”

“Our goal is to define ourselves through our unique music and encourage our fans to also embrace their uniqueness”

Of course there are loads of harder styles labels out there, but according to Ncrypta, the new Identity will be able to stand out from all the others. “Define yourself. That’s our motto. We want to be close to our audience, and our goal is to define ourselves through our unique music and encourage our fans to also embrace their uniqueness.” Furthermore, Markus explains why they won’t sign artists just to fill up the label.

“If I’m interested in a demo coming in, me and the team will listen carefully and also think about how the artist could fit the label personally and in which way(s) the artist could grow if they sign with Identity. We will take our time to evaluate and get to know the person behind the music, so assess whether they will be the right fit. I think there will be a limited and exclusive amount of artists releasing here in the future so we can focus on each career.”

For the very first release on the label, Ncrypta has something special planned. “I always try to make a track that’s more than just a release. For this first label release I wrote a whole concept and made a storyboard like I did for my album ‘Blackout’. Each track will be a follow up of the story until it comes to an end.” So, his upcoming track will be a start and the end in one. “I’m curious to see whether my fanbase will get the story behind the video we’ve created with a lot of passion. The whole team and I put much effort in it and so far it was the biggest and most professional project I’ve had so far!”

“Thanks to my loyal fans for their ongoing support and I hope many will be a part of this movement!”

This first track ‘Freefall’ will come out on the 2nd of April. “I’ve played the track at a Christmas Party last year for the first time, so it’s been a while. Time to unleash that baby!” There will also be a bonus track released that day, of which Markus is very proud. “I combined forces with an amazing artist from the US to create something special.” 


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Of course we’re all facing a difficult situation at the moment because of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Despite this, Ncrypta still decided to go live with his announcement. “After all this mess, people – and also me – need a good experience and news now. we should keep in mind that it will not last forever. Focusing on the positive things is very important now. Together we can get over this!” 

Last but not least, Ncrypta has a message for everyone supporting him and the brand new Identity label. “I want to thank everyone in the team for their massive effort, spending days and nights with scheduling, planning, cutting, filming and many more to make the launch of Identity a success! Thanks to my loyal fans for their ongoing support and I hope many will be a part of this movement! #DefineYourself”

The first release of the label ‘Freefall’ will come out on April 2nd, which you can already pre-save via this link. To be kept updated on the latest news, keep an eye on the socials of both Ncrypta and Identity.   

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