Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Last weekend, the men from Spirit of Hardstyle hosted their own Euphoria. Noisecontrollers also took place behind the booth, and played a special track: the very last Hard Bass anthem. 

You could tell the new track was the Hard Bass 2019 anthem quickly, since the well-known ‘Hard Bass voice’ was blasted through the speakers and talked about the 10 year anniversary of the event. According to the vocals, the Noisecontrollers anthem honors the diversity of music: therefore you’ll hear different types of BPM.

”The end of our timeline approaches, marking a decade. To make sure our legacy lives on, we engage in an operation to eternalize the diversity of music and memories that Hard Bass represents.”

”Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing final edition: The Last Formation”

When the anthem will be released officially, isn’t known yet. The final edition of Hard Bass will take place the 9th of February 2019 at the Gelredome in Arnhem, for which you can still buy tickets via the website of the event.

Footage via Facebook-page Hard Bass

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