Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Raw hardstyle has massively increased in popularity over the past few years. It definitely took over The Netherlands and it is about to take over Australia as well. One of the biggest Dutch raw events called Supremacy will go down under on the 4th of March 2017. This is a huge step forward for the scene in Australia. This rougher form of hardstyle is ready to conquer the Aussies.

Supremacy started back in 2014 and was held in the Brabanthallen Den Bosch. This venue is also known for other big events such as Masters of Hardcore and Angerfist’s Raise and Revolt, The Deadfaced Dimension and Thrillogy a long time ago.

It immediately became a huge success in the Netherlands. Thousands of raw hardstyle fanatics gathered to witness this prodigious event. They experienced a combination of incredible laser shows and banging sets. On top of that, Supremacy likes to go all out during the event. Minus Militia entered the stage by walking across a floating bridge above the crowd and both War Force and Digital Punk flew on a flying DJ-booth during their sets. These moments are still unparalleled in the history of hardstyle and the crowd went out of their mind. The event became well known for its raw and rough sounds. Supremacy is ready to show Australia what it’s made of. But is Australia ready for the Supremacy?

Supremacy Australia 2017 will be held in the supreme Sydney Showground. This venue is home to many major events in Australia. International artists such as Radical Redemption, Warface, E-Force and a special Masters of Hardcore take over will find every possible way to wreck the dome. Next to that, there will be a spectacular show and much more. Enough reasons to attend this tremendous event.

We’ve spoken with Delete about the Raw scene in Australia. He is very happy that the raw is coming to his home country. ‘’It feels great! Being an Australian myself, I’m proud that Raw Hardstyle has grown so much down under. I was pushing the harder, tougher side of Hardstyle in Australia years before it became its own genre, so to see where it is now is really great! I’m proud to be a part of the movement!’’

Secondly, Delete states that the Dutch community has the numbers, but the Australian scene is devoted and ready for Supremacy. ‘’The fact that Australia is literally on the other side of the world from where most of the raw action is, yet fans still live and breath this style, is incredible! I totally understand this passion though because that was me when I lived there, a die-hard fan wanting more and more. It’s awesome to see that finally it’s not only the mainstream/euphoric dominating down under. Aussies want the hard shit too!’’

The Australian is very familiar with Supremacy. Delete knows the event like no other. He began with his Delete VIP live-act at Supremacy 2015 and he performed as Delete VIP once more one year later at the same event. ‘’Supremacy for me is the number 1 Raw Hardstyle event. For it to come to Australia is just incredible for the Australian scene. I hope all the Aussies realise just how big a deal this is. The line-up is the biggest raw line-up ever to grace the country. It’s even bigger than most Dutch line-ups! Any raw fan in Australia should not miss this event! Doesn’t matter where you live in the country, get your ass to Sydney for this milestone in Raw Hardstyle history!’’

The visitors will be part of the first official Masters of Hardcore Take Over with Angerfist, Mad Dog and Outblast. Prepare yourselves for three separate sets from these heroes of hardcore. These artists know how to keep those feet moving in a completely packed venue. Besides, it will be one of the last performances of Outblast. On the 21st of October he announced that he will quit his professional career as Outblast. So make sure you attend this take over.

All in all, Supremacy proved that they have a unique concept. The class-A artists, the huge sound systems, awesome lighting and fireworks will make Supremacy Australia unforgettable. Thousands of Aussies will set foot in the supreme venue in Sydney for a prodigious, raw and rough night. Tickets are now available at supremacyaustralia.com.au/tickets/

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