Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 is well-known within the harder styles: every year people vote on the beste tracks of the year, after which the Top 100 is composed. Also this year, the top 10 will be announced in a spectacular way, this time during the very first edition of the new WOW WOW. We talked to Q-dance colleagues Rogier, Duke en Diederik about what takes place behind the scenes of this spectaculair event. On the 31st of December, you can celebrate your NYE in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

The idea for creating a top 100 came up because there was no big top 10 yet, according to Rogier. There definitely wasn’t one with a show spectacle. “As the founding fathers of hardstyle we believe it is our responsibility to close the year in style and look back on its musical highlights. Reflecting is a part of New Year’s Eve and we also believe it’s important to recognize the artists that made a significant contribution to our scene. Of course, in the end it’s all about the opinion of the audience and the fans, so without their voices it couldn’t be done.“ The men also think hardstyle is at its best on an event with a fitting and banging show. “It’s amazing to present the top 10 tracks of the year in this way, and to give them the credit they deserve.“

“People love recognizing tracks and enjoying a show spectacle, and hardstylers are proud of their music“

Over the last couple of years, the top 10 was announced through a grand show at the the NYE event Freaqshow in the Ziggo Dome. Rogier explains the reactions to the very first show were amazing. “People love recognizing tracks and love a show spectacle, and hardstylers are proud of their music. Therefore it’s very beautiful to relive this with the visitors at the end of the year. I have shed a tear multiple times.“ Also for the organisation, the show remains a great surprise each year. “The show is different each and every year, since it has to comply to the theme of that edition. It also depends on the stage, the lights and the music: this is leading. It’s beautiful to see everything come together. For now I have experienced all top 10 shows as very special!“

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, menigte en concert

The number 1 hardstyle tracks have varied a lot in the past: from ‘Imaginary’ in 2013, to ‘Seven’ in 2014, ‘Solar’ in 2015, ‘Gravity’ in 2016 and ‘Destiny in 2017. Even though these tracks are all very different, they have one thing in common according to Duke: they all create a special feeling. “’Solar’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Destiny’ have all been a part of the Defqon.1 endshow, which immediately provides a track with a special feeling. This doesn’t mean being in the endshow guarantees success, because a track has to be very strong as well, but it does show adding memories to a track helps. ‘Seven’ and ‘Imaginary’ did this in their own way, for example by being the most played track at each festival or by millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams. Above all, they all have touched people in their own way. And yes, this also true for the number 1 of 2018.“

“From the POWER HOUR madness and X-Qlusive Holland to an ode to the final Q-BASE: everything comes along one more time“

Diederik explains the top 10 show is definitely adjusted to the number one of that year. “Creating the show starts when the entire top 10 is calculated. Then we’ll take a look at what fits certain tracks, in such a way the total mix has a nice flow to it. This builds up to the grand presentation of the number 1. We want to strengthen the feeling of the track through the show.“ Within the organisation Q-dance, they like to see everyone voting for the top 100. “Three of my top five tracks made it into the Top 10, so my taste is quite similar to the audience. On the 1st of January I’ll let you know which tracks, haha!“

In 2017, it was time for the very last edition of Freaqshow. WOW WOW will now take its place, and will look back on the past Q-dance year: different parties will together form one grand closing of the year. According to Duke, this concept just makes sense. “We have experienced so many beautiful, funny and amazing things at our events, but we can only relive it via our YouTube videos. That’s why we decided to close the year through our highlights of 2018, with some sneak peeks for 2019 as a bonus. From the POWER HOUR madness and X-Qlusive Holland to an ode to the final Q-BASE: everything comes along one more time. We hope the visitors appreciate it as much as we do!“ Duke explains that for this year’s top 10, the organisation is coming with even more than we’re used to from Q-dance. “So make sure you don’t miss it!“

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, menigte, nacht en concert

The brand new WOW WOW will take place on the 31st of December at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. The men from Q-dance explain why you definitely don’t want to miss out on this event and the new Top 10 show. “Q-dance and NYE is a perfect combination: Qrimetime, Qountdown, Freaqshow and now WOW WOW. Almost for as long as we exist, we have closed down the year together with our loyal fans, and there’s no one we would rather celebrate it with. Of course we will also show this at WOW WOW, because taking a step back is not in our vocabulary. We do everything in our power to make this the ultimate hardstyle NYE experience, not only through a sick Q-dance Top 10 Show, but also through all the new elements such as POWER HOUR in 10 Minutes, a X-Qlusive Holland XXL show with ZazaFront, and the biggest acts of this moment like Phuture Noize, Sub Zero Project and Brennan Heart. Whether you just love ‘a good party’ or if you are a die-hard Q-dancer: at WOW WOW everyone will go wild.“

Tickets for the New Year’s Eve spectacle WOW WOW are still available via the official Q-dance website. On Monday the 31st of December you’re invited to the Ziggo Dome for the brand new Q-dance event.

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    Hard style has keep me a live but now I’m dieing off cancer now thanks for the memory Q DANCE IT WILL LIVE ON WITH ME LOVE DATWEEKS


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