Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

In an interview with Dutch 3voor12, ID&T boss and Q-dance founder Wouter Tavecchio elaborately talks about the 20th anniversary of the organisation. He also talks about his ambitions to ban mobile phones at events: “Just put them away already!”

It’s everything but a surprise thousands of mobile phones go into the air during an opening- or endshow. According to Wouter Tavecchio it would be a great idea to just ban the phones at events. “It already exists in Germany, they already invented this. And for good reason: you have a whole other type of party.” He continues:

“Of course you’ll have some awkward moments at the start, but if you drink some beers or anything else you will be way more relaxed. You won’t be staring at the show through your camera. I just think it’s such a shame, people who are doing this. I get it, but it’s like being in a movie theather watching everything on your screen. We have put together a 4D experience just for you, just put your phones away already!”

“Young people in the office said: Wouter, you’re too old, we can’t do it”

The ID&T boss & Q-dance fouder continues with how an organisation has to differ from others. “What if you say to yourself: we have to do something different, something people won’t expect. What do you do? You change everything up.” And that’s exactly what they’ll do tomorrow during DEDIQATED.

“For example this will take place during the day, in a football stadium. That’s something we have never done before. But it will be full to the max. Everyone’s saying: chill, we’re done at eleven. I really wanted to ban phones, but it didn’t work. Young people in the office said: Wouter, you’re too old, we can’t do it. But I’m saving it for another event, the day will come.”

The DEDIQATED Q-dance anniversary will take place tomorrow at the GelreDome in Arnhem, for which tickets have just sold out 100%. 

Footage via Facebook-page Electric Love Festival


  • Me 07 February 2020 - 23:41

    Theres no Phone ban for Festivals and/or Concerts and or Events, i really don’t know what Wouter is talking about.

    Greetings, a german.

  • Ali Savas 08 February 2020 - 12:25

    I can fully understand the reasons behind this, but there are people who depend on the smartphone, like me for example. I’ve been fully blind since birth and I need the smartphone for various things, also and especially when I’m on the road.


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