Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Hardstyle is all over the world and Rawest Events proves that by organizing indoor events in Scandinavia. Today, it’s time for the 9th edition of Operation Raw to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the company. There are multiple big international acts who will be playing at this event in Estonia.

This edition of Operation Raw is subtitled ‘5th Segment’, that stands for the years Rawest Events exists and the five most important things of the event. “The music, the crowd, the artists, the stage and the team are all key elements that represent an equal importance of creating something that will long live in the hearts of many hardstyle lovers”, according to the organization. The line-up of this edition has a couple of international acts with artists like B-Front, Luna and Neroz.

Sledgehammers is another act who will perform at Operation Raw – 5th Segment and they are together with MC Renegade responsible for this years anthem. So Rawest Events has everything prepared for a good edition.

Besides this raw event, Rawest have also a second concept called Algorythm, which tends to focus more on the melodic and euphoric side of hardstyle. So Estonia may be small but big things are happening over there, that’s for sure.

9th edition Operation Raw with international line-up

Operation Raw – 5th Segment takes place today in club Helitehas, Tallinn, Estonia. For more information about the event, go to the Facebook page of Rawest Events.

Photo by Facebook page Rawest Events

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