Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

Only 6 weeks before it is finally time for Defqon.1. Previously, they already made us enthusiastic when they revealed information about the event in ‘The Release’. But also the infamous bridge is part of Defqon.1…

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Many of us have been looking forward to Defqon.1 for months now: the biggest harder styles festival in the world. One of the first things that you have to brave is that infamous ‘horror’ bridge. It is a difficult task with all your suitcases, bags, tents and other belongings, but it’s all worth it. It is the access to a weekend full of fun, music, drinks and partying with your friends.

We are not the only ones that have to cross this bridge. Also the visitors of the Christian festival Opwekking have to climb the bridge and after Defqon.1 it is time for the visitors of Lowlands to cross it. The fact that they are working on the up building of the bridge means that the festival is getting closer and closer.

The bridge for Defqon.1 has been constructed

A few years back there was no easy flat bridge to cross, so we are a little bit blessed. You have forgotten it all, once you crossed the obstacle. Defqon.1 will take place in the weekend of 28 June until 30 June 2019. For more information you go to the official website of the event. 

Brug defqon.1

Photo by Partyflock and Facebook-page Stageco Nederland

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