Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

“The Future is Here”. This message appeared on social media last week on several Theracords artist Facebook pages. There is something new in the making, but what is it? After some searching and detective work it became clear what these messages were all about. Theracords presents to you: ‘The Opposition – A New Mission’.

The first performance of this act will be during Rebirth Festival. After this they will also perform at Megabase and Beat The Bridge. Today, Rebirth Festival posted a photo containing the Theracords artist DJ Thera, Caine, Invector and MC Livid. This was the confirmation that these artists will form ‘The Opposition’ during the festival season opener.

Theracords The OppositionWe decided to ask some questions to Pieter Heijnen, better known as DJ Thera, about the act. We found out that the formation of ‘The Opposition’ will be different at every performance. At Megabase DJ Thera, Caine and Retaliation will come on stage as The Opposition. Which three artists will perform at Beat the Bridge will remain a secret for now.

What this new concept has in store for us in the future is not yet clear. Will it turn out to be just a new live-act, or is it going to be more than that? On the website of Beat the Bridge this message was posted together with the act: “It’s not only a live act. There is more…way more..”

Photo’s: Rebirth & Thera

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