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By feije tinnevelt

This year, AIRBEAT ONE will have its biggest edition yet: the four-day festival will house around 50.000 visitors from 45 different countries every single day. This years theme is Great Brittain, so let’s hope the weather doesn’t fit the theme! As the visitors of AIRBEAT ONE are varied, the music is as well: from EDM to trance and from hardstyle to techno, AIRBEAT ONE offers it all.

Massive stages and decoration

Talk about stages and you’re talking about AIRBEAT ONE. This years stage measures 120 meters across and stands 40 meter tall, making it one of the biggest stages in Europe ever. Not only the mainstage is noteworthy, The Arena has brought in the biggest transportable circustent in Europe to host the people of Boombox. This massive tent is as large as a football field with 5000 m2 and 30 meters up in the air, showing you exactly why this tent is an absolute behemoth. AIRBEAT makes sure to bring something new each and every year tot heir stages: no recycling but every stage will be built from scratch. The same goes fort he Q-dance stage, so no ram this year, but something completely new. Everything however will be covered in a Great Brittain-wrapping. When you think Brittain, you might see the Big Ben, the House Of Parliament or even the Tower Bridge: whatever comes to mind, be prepared for the massive Brittish stages and decoration at AIRBEAT ONE.

Many genres: different styles, one sound

For us, hardstyle-lovers, the Q-dance stage will be our so-called home during AIRBEAT ONE. However, many other stages can be visited apart from the Q-dance stage:

  • The already mentioned Arena-stage: the massive circustent will be home to enthousiasts of EDM, dubstep and trap.
  • Terminal: the Terminal will not only host the best beats electro, tech house and tropical have to offer. It will also be the place to be if you’re looking for some techno and house.
  • Last but not least, there will be AIRBEAT ONE’s second stage: home to trance, psy and goa. So get trippy and get loose and dance your butt off.

So what can you expect?

As the British 007 has a license to kill, the visitors of AIRBEAT ONE have a license to party. The festival has 4 days filled with the greatest artists, meticulously programmed light and laser shows, pyro shows, dozens of CO2-cannons and of course, thousands of bouncing souls, packed into the moment. Or as the British would say: “quite nice, my love.” If you love football, you can eat your heart out too, when the English gather to have tea-time, visitors of AIRBEAT will gather on Wednesday to watch the semi-finals live on the Food Mile. Saturday the 14th the battle for the 3rd place will be streamed as well, this time in The Terminal.

Why is AIRBEAT ONE a festival you can’t skip?

So, to give you an idea of the glamour of Brittain and AIRBEAT ONE and make you realise why you cannot skip this one on your list of must-visit festivals, we’ll list everything you need to know one more time!

There are 5 stages, filled with the best DJ/producers from a variety of genres, massive stages, a party lasting for four days and of course all that brought to you with a Brittish accent as that’s this years theme.

Hard Facts:
• AIRBEAT ONE Festival 2018, from 11th until 15th July 2018.
• Flugplatz Neustadt-Glewe (near Schwerin), Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.
• Line-up: ca. 170 national and international DJ’s and acts.
• Capacity: ca. 100,000 visitors from 45 nations on four festival days.

5 Floors:
• Mainstage (EDM, trance & progressive)
• Transmission @ The Arena (trance)/ boombox @ The Arena (dubstep, EDM & trap)
• Terminal (electro, tech house & tropical)/ More @ Terminal (techno & house)
• Q-dance (harder styles)
• Second Stage (trance, psy,& goa)

If you want to experience Great Brittain in Germany, or want to party your ass off, then head over to the official website of AIRBEAT ONE festival, and get your tickets before they are sold-out.

Cover picture through Facebook-page AIRBEAT ONE Festival 

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