Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Last week, Warface has given a hint on his socials about a collaboration with Jebroer. It didn’t take long before the track could be heard, since the raw hardstyle-DJ has played the track at multiple Kingsday festivals.

At the start of last weekend, Warface posted a photo with Jebroer in his story on Instagram with the text: “You ain’t ready.” It showed a collab of these two artists probably could be heard at Kingsday and this happened. This Saturday, the raw hardstyle-DJ played the track at multiple festivals and it looks like it’s called ‘Moshpit’.

It’s the first time Warface is working with Jebroer, from who we hear more and more collabs with artists out of the hardstyle and hardcore scene. A short time ago he was in the studio with Paul Elstak and Dr Phunk for the track ‘Soldaat’ as well.

Warface and Jebroer ‘Moshpit’ played for the first time

You can hear the kicks of Warface and the vocals of Jebroer very clear in the new collab. During Kingsday, the track was played for the first time and this is how the crowd at Supersized Kingsday reacted.

Photo by Facebook pages Warface and Jebroer

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