Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

Yesterday Warface posted a striking message on his Facebook. “See you tonight at the Melkweg Amsterdam.” Later that evening it turned out to be about an exclusive release party for his new album Vengeance.

In his story on Instagram he posted some video’s from the Melkweg where we can see it was about an exclusive release party for his album Vengeance. For this exclusive party Warface invited only 200 people. His New album Vengeance contains 2 discs and is already out for streaming on Spotify.

Tracklist Vengeance


  1. Vengeance (feat. Sovereign King)
  2. Sundown (With Max Enforcer
  3. Day One
  4. Journey Of Ecstasy (With Artifact feat. Sovereign King & Elke Donkers)
  5. Set Me Free (With Sub Sonik feat. Carola)
  6. The Drop
  7. MF Oldschool (With Luna)
  8. CA$H
  9. Blood On You (With Killshot)
  10. Fake News
  11. Evil Exists (With Radical Redemption)
  12. Game Over (With Delete)
  13. Supreme Imperial
  14. Detonated (With Rebelion)
  15. Play No Games
  16. Number 1 (With Angerfist)
  17. Robot Gang Bang (With Sefa)
  18. Troublemakers (With N-Vitral Presents: BOMBSQUAD)



  1. We All Live For This (Feat Sovereign King)
  2. Black Seas
  3. Drown (With D-Sturb)
  4. Radioactive (With Mark With a K feat. DV8 Rocks & Jasmine MCGuinness)
  5. Without A Trace (Feat. Carola)
  6. For All Of Us (With Devin Wild)
  7. RCKNG (With Rutheless Feat. Ashley Jana)
  8. F The Industry (With Frequencerz)
  9. Blazing (With Act Of Rage)
  10. Addicted (With Delete)
  11. Game Time (With Rooler)
  12. Break Your Neck (With Killshot)
  13. Mean Paw (Feat. Nolz)
  14. Frontline (With Ncrypta)
  15. The Mission
  16. Your Betrayal (With Malice)
  17. Get With It (With Dither)
  18. From The South (With Deadly Guns)


Warface organizes an exclusive release party for Vengeance

The release of his new album Vengeance isn’t the only thing for Warface to celebrate this week. This Saturday, 1 December, his first solo-event ‘Live For This’ will take place at the AFAS Live. Warface presents: ‘Live For This’ is already sold-out.

Photo by Facebook page Highstreet 2.0

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