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On September 26th Warface will release his second album, called ‘The Nine Circles’, during the raw event Supremacy. Let’s hope that the event will turn this into a tradition, because last year Minus Militia released their first album during the event. Little was known about the new Warface album, until he did an interview with DJ Mag which appeared in their latest edition.

The new album will contain three CD’s. The first disc will consist of nine tracks, which is linked to the title ‘The Nine Circles’. The idea for the title comes from the book Dante’s Inferno which describes a journey through hell which consists of nine circles. With the first disc Warface wants to take his fans on the same journey.


1. Intro
2. Limbo: Eternal Darkness (ft MC Nolz)
3. Lust: The Violent Storm
4. Gluttony: Voice of Addiction (ft. Eric Dumont)
5. Greed: Fuck You, Pay Me!
6. Anger: Beyond Aggression (ft. Superior)
7. Heresy: Heretics
8. Violence: Mutilate & Destroy
9. Fraud: Deception
10. Treachery: Everlasting Fire
11. Outro

The second disc will contain a lot of collaborations, like “Path of Extinction” with The Geminizers. Besides that Warface has also made new tracks with B-Front, Crypsis, Artifact, E-Force, Luna and Darksiderz. It’s not yet known if they will appear on the album as well. The third and last disc will contain a mix-CD.


1. Turn It Up (& Darkisiderz)
2. Execute (& Chain Reaction)
3. Let The Show Begin (& Artifact)
4. Path To Extinction (& The Geminizers)
5. Throwback (& Crypsis)
6. H8 M3
7. Disphoria (& E-Force)
8. Unleash War (& Digital Punk)
9. Sentinel (& Titan)
10. Warzone (& Luna)
11. The Baddest (& Delete)
12. Fuck The Drum Machine (& N-Vitral)

Thanks to: Wouter Kornet

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