Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

It had been some time ago, but it seems another duo in hardstyle land has decided to go their separate ways. This time it’s the guys from Retrospect, the quite new duo from Fusion Records, that’s known for their classic sounds.

“After careful consideration Retrospect has decided to split up. Ruud will continue on his own as DJ/Producer. Not much will change as Ruud was already responsible for most of the Retrospect productions. I would like to thank Niels for his work and dedication. It has been a difficult but brave decision for him to choose for a different career outside the music industry. I wish him the best of luck! My next gig will be The Qontinent where I will perform as a solo act …It has only just begun.”

The message above appeared on Facebook recently. We want to wish Ruud nothing but the best of luck with the continuation of Retrospect.

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