• Land Polen
  • Label Spoontech Records
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Genox (Born in Cracow, Poland, November 6th 1991) is a Hardstyle producer and DJ. Coming from Italian roots (and living there as a child), he now resides in Cracow, Poland.

Genox’s passion for music began at a young age. At age 8 he was enrolled in a school of music and had already learned the basics to play the piano. His taste and expertise soon evolved to span all genres; including Classical, Jazz, Rap, Electronic, and many forms of Rock. As his knowledge of music grew, he became increasingly interested in the Electronic genre, specifically Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and eventually Hardstyle. Now graduated from music school and bringing together the culmination of his knowledge of all forms of music, he has dedicated his focus and passion to bringing you the unique Genox Hardstyle that you hear today!