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In 2013, in a secret laboratory at an unknown location, a scientist was developing a social experiment. The objective was to introduce a new concoction to the harder styles, one that mixed the elements of raw and melodic sounds. This blend quickly became unstoppable against all forces. At first the epidemic was thought to have been contained, but a leak was soon discovered.

The scientist, who was only known to the world as “Outbreak” at that time, let the infection out in the open at the densely populated area of Defqon.1, with the intention to study the effects before implementing a controlled spread across the globe.

After analyzing the positive response, Outbreak revealed his identity at Tomorrowland. The media reports the scientist is JP Pirrello, a music producer and DJ originally from Australia and now based in The Netherlands.

Currently signed to record label “WE R”, JP continues to build his stockpile of weaponized music and shall unveil them in the very near future. With plans to infect the Defqon.1 Australia main stage (and many more) already announced it’s clear that the world has only witnessed the beginning of the “Outbreak”.