Slim Shore

  • Naam Henry Snijders
  • Land Nederland
  • Verjaardag 4 februari
  • Alias(sen) DV8 Rocks
  • Label Fusion Records
  • Boekingen Supreme Agency
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Slim Shore aka Henry Snijders was formerly known as the on-stage face of the Dutch Master project. In 2007 Henry was discovered by the Dutch Master Works-label and was asked to join their crew. His talent for producing and his major dj-skills contributed highly to the success of this project and soon Henry played big events like Defqon 1, In Qontrol, Q-base, Qountdown,
X-Qlusive and Hardbass. Besides rocking big events in Holland he also got to play all across Europe and Australia, smashing dancefloors with banging tunes as Motion, Slammin’ the Bass, Pride, Floorspin, Resort to the Beat, Taste Me and The Scene.

Unfortunately differences in views to where the Dutch Master project was going in the future broke up the cooperation between Henry and Dutch Master Works. Henry had to make a new step and decided to return to his old love: Slim Shore. An alias he used long before he got signed to any label. The name may have changed but the producer/dj remains the same. Henry’s fully focused on making Slim Shore a name you wont forget. Henry will keep bringing you big ass productions and killer dj-sets. Party hard!