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By Wouter de Vink

Your own X-Qlusive: for many hardstyle artists this is somewhere at the top of the bucket list of their careers. Why? The DJ plays almost all evening for a full AFAS Live (former Heineken Music Hall) and the visitors know his music all too well. This was definitely the case exactly 5 years ago during X-Qlusive B-Front, just take a look.

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Without hesitation it can be said that the artists with their own X-Qlusive have made their mark in the scene. Think not only of Luna, Pavo, Showtek and Technoboy, but also Headhunterz, D-Block & S-te-Fan and Wildstylez. Beside that, there’s also the always fun X-Qlusive Holland, there have been several editions abroad (up to Australia), and the heroes returned during X-Qlusive Legends. Also big names such as Ran-D, Frequencerz, Da Tweekaz. But B-Front’s night: we will never forget the intro…

These artists have had their own X-Qlusive in Amsterdam

  • 2004: X-Qlusive Luna
  • 2005: X-Qlusive Pavo
  • 2006: X-Qlusive The Prophet
  • 2007: X-Qlusive Zany
  • 2008: X-Qlusive Showtek
  • 2009: X-Qlusive Technoboy
  • 2010: X-Qlusive Headhunterz
  • 2011: X-Qlusive D-Block & S-te-Fan
  • 2012: X-Qlusive Noisecontrollers
  • 2013: X-Qlusive Wildstylez
  • 2014: X-Qlusive Brennan Heart
  • 2015: X-Qlusive Frontliner
  • 2016: X-Qlusive B-Front
  • 2017: X-Qlusive Ran-D
  • 2018: X-Qlusive Frequencerz
  • 2019: X-Qlusive Da Tweekaz
  • ?: X-Qlusive Phuture Noize

Just remember that the fans of B-Front really know their stuff. If you can enjoy this redheaded hardstyle DJ for an entire evening, then you know that this is going to be a fantastic night. The Roughstate DJ responded fantastically to this and immediately kicked in the door during his introduction. After his name was announced over the speakers, the audience shouted massively during ‘Mysterias’ and the man of the night was old-fashioned (but especially full of passion) waving behind the turntables.

‘The X-Qlusive B-Front intro from 5 years ago will always remain legendary’

This footage of ‘King Bob’ have since been circulating on social media. The next X-Qlusive is reserved for Phuture Noize and could possibly deliver the same beautiful scenery.


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