Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Art of Dance has announced that they will organise a brand new event: REVOLT. This festival will represent one or more of the harder styles, together with our neighbours in Germany. 

Art of Dance will organise the new festival together with the company I-Motion – Events & Entertainment. These two are anything but strangers, since they organised SYNDICATE last weekend. Furthermore, I-Motion is known from events such as TOXICATOR and Ruhr-in-Love. We all know Art of Dance from the well-known party’s like Dominator, Supremacy, Snakepit and Masters of Hardcore.

What the Volt?!

It is still unknown which harder styles will take the spotlight during the festival: both organisations have experience in hardstyle, freestyle and hardcore music. What we do know is that the event will take place the 25th of May at the airport Pferdsfeld in Germany. For more information, which will follow soon according to the organisation, you kan keep an eye on the Revolt Facebook-page.

Footage via Facebook-page REVOLT


  • tstorm 20 October 2018 - 02:16

    Maybe a good alternative to Q-Base? Location looks nice.


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