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By Wouter de Vink

This year Act of Rage and ATILAX are responsible for the anthem of one of the biggest harder styles festivals: Decibel outdoor. The brand new song can be listened to today and with this the countdown has started to the 20th edition of THE LOUDEST CITY, where the two have big plans including new music. “You can tell it’s DE-CI-BEL!”

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With no less than 30 stages and more than 300 acts, Decibel outdoor is an annual highlight. The anthem play an important role in this, because with an enormous legacy, the list of creators is enormous. No less than 20 acts have already received the honor, including Zany, Max Enforcer & DV8, Zatox and D-Sturb. The Decibel anthem is truly a thing every year: and this time it’s none other than Act of Rage’s turn.

Decibel anthems over the years

2023: Act of Rage & ATILAX – Raging City
D-Sturb & ATILAX – Break Free

2020: Frequencerz & Rejecta – STAY LOUD (Tribute)
2019: Atmozfears & LXCPR – Live Loud
2018: Brennan Heart – Fuelled by Fanatics
2017: Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators – Destination
2016: Ran-D ft. LXCPR – United
2015: Hard Driver – Shifting Gears
2014: Psyko Punkz – Back again
2013: Alpha² & Noisecontrollers – Craving for the beat
2012: Zatox – D.E.C.I.B.E.L.
2011: Zany & Max Enforcer ft. MC DV8 – Sound Intense City
2010: Noisecontrollers – Summer in the City
2009: Brennan Heart – City of Intensity
2008: The Beholder & Zany – Bleeding For The Harder Styles
2007: Deepack & Charly Lownoise ft. MC Villain – Can’t Hold Us Down
2006: Southstylers – Decibel Anthem 2006
2005: The Beholder & Balistic ft. Max Enforcer – Nuclear Reaction
2004: The Beholder & Balistic ft. Max Enforcer – Bigger Better Louder
2003: The Beholder & Balistic ft. Max Enforcer – Decibel 2003
2002: The Beholder & Balistic – Decibel Anthem

The Minus is More artist dived into the studio together with vocalist ATILAX (known from ‘Hurricane’ with Ran-D and ‘Hit The Afterparty’ with Psyko Punkz) – with ‘Raging City’ as an excellent result. “My ultimate Decibel feeling is going all out with my friends on the dance floor with a ice cold beer in my left hand”, explains Act of Rage. In addition to brand new areas and special DB#20 sets, big plans have also been made for him during the extended Decibel weekend.

Act of Rage & ATILAX promise spectacle on the Decibel mainstage with Entourage LIVE: “Raging City”

On Friday, Act of Rage kicks off the weekend on the Battle stage with Vertile and on Saturday he and his Entourage will perform live on the mainstage. What can we expect from this? “Mashups, mashups, and even more mashups. New music, but also older tracks where the drops have been switched and a complete change of vocals at the same time. We’ll show you what it really means to LIVE LOUD!”

Decibel outdoor will be held from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 August 2023 at the Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. Visit the festival’s official website for tickets, accommodations and more information. “See you in the LOUDEST CITY ON EARTH!”

Footage taken from website Decibel outdoor / B2S

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