Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Activator is one of the pioneers of hardstyle and has been in the scene for more than 15 years. Manuel is also known under other alias, like the shorten name ACTI. Now he announced he won’t continue performing as a hardstyle artist.

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Activator played at Defqon.1’s MAGENTA stage this year, besides that it’s been quite quiet around him in the past time. The Italian producer didn’t release new music in the last two years and didn’t play many gigs. Just now he posted on Facebook, his last event as a hardstyle artist lies ahead: “09/11/2019. Your last chance to see the A, the C and the motherfucking T. #goodbyehardstyle.”

At De Samenzwering on 9th November, he ends his hardstyle career with a double performance. His main act Activator as well as one of his other alias ACTI are on the line-up of the debut edition of this new concept.

Manuel started his career in 1995 and since then, he published music under several pseudonyms. After he joined the label Activa Records in 2002, the name Activator got born. In 2009, his only official album called Authentic Style got released, but six years later he published another big production, called Veteran of Style.

The DJ has a long discography on his label Activa Recor and also made a lot of collabs with names such as Zatox (‘Oxygen’ in 2009) or Unresolved (‘Dancefloor Of Death’ in 2016). Activator played at many major events, like Defqon.1, Decibel outdoor, Q-BASE, Hard Bass and Ground Zero.

The producer has always been interested in a wide range of styles and even invented his own genre called Subground. Right now, he’s passionate about the techno scene and is busy performing there under his alias T78.

“Your last chance to see the A, the C and the motherfucking T.”

On 9th November, Manuel will perform as Activator and ACTI for the very last time. If you want to experience his two last sets at De Samenzwering at Warehouse Elementenstraat, get your tickets at the official ticket sale page.

Footage taken from Facebook page Origins of Raw

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