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After the big news from Adjuzt & The Purge, the men have now revealed their full DREAMSCAPE line-up. Together with REBiRTH Events, they are launching a brand new live act during their own show in 013: with two areas of heavy battles, unique live acts, a one-off return of a valued artist and a mind-blowing club show.

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Many fans know that the music of The Purge and Adjuzt can be compared to the Italian pizza and the Groningen eierbal: each of them are delicacies with their own twist. After many collabs and joint performances, these two members of the Savage Squad label now join forces for a brand new live act with their own show: DREAMSCAPE. “It’s time to escape reality.”

The DREAMSCAPE line-up is full of acts that will provide a dream world for 10 hours. In addition to the premiere of the new live act, Adjuzt and The Purge are on the line-up with D-Sturb, MutilatorThe Uptempo Rumble (with Abaddon, Gezellige Uptempo and Lunakorpz), Sickmode and Vertile. Also, Mind Dimension makes a comeback on the mainstage and a classics set in the second area. Check out the full DREAMSCAPE line-up below.

Adjuzt & The Purge present: DREAMSCAPE line-up

DREAMSCAPE by Adjuzt & The Purge // Adjuzt // The Purge

Adjuzt vs D-Sturb // The Purge vs Bloodlust // Adjuzt vs Mutilator // The Purge vs Mind Dimension // The Uptempo Rumble by Adjuzt, The Purge, Abaddon, Gezellige Uptempo & Lunakorpz

Bloodlust // D-Sturb // Devin Wild // Fraw LIVE // Griever vs Sanctuary // Mutilator // Omnya LIVE // Sickmode // Vertile // Hosted by MC Livid

Blue Boys pres. Italian Classics // Collusion vs. Point Break // Confusa vs. MØSCARDØ vs. Manji pres. Hardtechno // Exproz // Flux Overload pres. RAW Classics // Klapperkebab pres. Memetechno // Mind Dimension Classics // PL4Y // Sparkz // Unlocked // Hosted by MC Activate

“More pre-registrations received than tickets available!”

Adjuzt & The Purge present: DREAMSCAPE will take place on Saturday the 4th of November 2023 in Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. Tickets are available from Thursday 20 July at 19:00: you have until Wednesday midnight to claim access to the ticket sales one hour early. In fact, more pre-registrations have been received than tickets are available, so be on time!

dreamscape 2023 line-up poppodium 013 tilburg

Footage taken from Instagram page The Purge

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