• Name Max Lenssen en Bart van den Hanenberg
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Birthday May 18th & February 8th
  • Label Fusion Records
  • Bookings Supreme Agency

Dutch Hardstyle duo formed by Max Lenssen and Bart van den Hanenberg. Bart’s love for Hardstyle started in 2011 when he heard tracks like B-front – Inner creativity and D-Block & S-te-Fan – Loopmachine. Since then no other genre was good enough anymore for him. The feeling of the lead sounds, the epic melody’s and of course the pounding kicks were the only things that counted. His DJ career started a year later when a friend taught him to mix Hardstyle tracks. Together with him he started as a duo, The Sinners. They successfully played -the most- at local parties. And they started producing own Hardstyle tracks. 

Max started listening to Hardstyle back in 2006. After a period of listening to the music, he was getting interested in the music production side. So in 2012 he started making music himself. In 2014 he got invited at his first gigs at some local party’s as AgentM. In this time Bart and Max met each other and made the plan for a collab between The Sinners and AgentM. They had so much contact and a great time together that they decided to quit their own act and start a new act in October of 2015: Deluzion! The first month of Deluzion they participated in two DJ contests: Shockerz and Focus: Titan the one who knocks and they won both! The first track they made is called ‘Forever More’ and is featured in the Gearbox podcast by Primefire. At the moment they are focusing on producing higher quality tracks and making their performance better and better.