Livid (MC)

  • Name Ramon Stuurman
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Birthday January 22
  • Label Theracords
  • Bookings Fast Forward Bookings
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Ramon Stuurman was born and raised in Schagen, and in 2011 he started performing as MC Livid. MC Livid began performing at small events in Schagen, and after a short time, moved on to bigger nightclubs where he was run by the Lose Your Mind organisation. He became the resident MC on events such as Zomaar, Total Mash Up and Penoze ‘Local Suspects’.

In 2013 MC Livid already hosted a few Theracords label nights, the Theracords hosting at Hardshore and other great events such as Dance Valley, Daylight Festival and Dream Village. He has really proven himself during these events, which led to signing him as the official host for Theracords. Shortly after he pumped up the audience at Rauw op je Dak, Loudness, XXlerator Raw and more. He will also be performing at some of the biggest stages Holland and Belgium have to offer like Loudness, XXlerator Outdoor, Intents Festival, Defqon.1, Festivaart, Last World and Q-Base!

With every performance and opportunity he has, it’s seeing how the crowd gets louder that gives this young MC the motivation and the strength to just get better and better. So keep a close eye on MC Livid!