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Audiofreq is still working on his second album. At the end of 2014 this energetic Australian came up with the news he would produce a second album.  Audiofreq is the culmination of Sam’s immense drive and yearning to create. His first album ‘Audioception’ is a perfect example of that drive.

Meanwhile, one and a half years later, Sam told us more about his new project. In a recent interview we did with Audiofreq, he said the following:

“Outside of electronic music, artists work on albums all the time and have 3-4 years in between, its quite normal to have a quiet period post album, then spending 1-2 years crafting a new one. I’ve tried to approach my album that way too.”

“If you liked my first album, you’ll love the second one. There’s more of an story throughout this album but its presented in a different way to how I did the last one. I wanted to avoid falling into the trap of repeating myself and instead wanted to reinvent and redefine what Audiofreq sounds like. I want this album to create its own world and I want to take the listener on a journey into that world. That takes time!”

bioweapon audiophetamine emporiumLabel

Sam is producing constantly. He posts new music regularly, but where does all this music go? He gave us an answer:

“I’ve been in album mode the past year and a bit. I’m constantly evolving, pushing myself to extract the best in everything I do. This means I create a lot, but complete little because I don’t believe the idea or track was the best that I could do. In amongst that, this year I’d have been responsible for two different anthems and I’m in the middle of setting up a label. Thats pretty time consuming too.”

Sam Gonzales (Audiofreq) en Corey Soljan (Code Black), better know as Bioweapon, were working together in the studio again to create the Emporium 2016 anthem. As you can see in the picture above, ‘The Lost Empire’ is going to be the very first release on ‘Audiophetamine’.

Check the full interview with Audiofreq here.

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