Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

A long time dream comes true for Crypsis. Brennan Heart has decided to make a remix for him. Two years ago we saw some footage of Brennan Heart working on ‘Break Down Low’, but because of a lack of time he couldn’t finish the track. But then Crypsis came with his new album Program Hostile and Brennan Heart found the time to finish it.

No surprise
Brennan Heart chose ‘Break Down Low’ and that doesn’t come as a surprise. He plays the track in many sets and podcasts. Nevertheless it’s a unique collaboration between them. It’s not often that a euphoric dj produces a remix for a raw hardstyle dj. Especially because it’s Brennan Heart, one of the biggest names in the hardstyle scene. He has a very different style and it’s a chance for Crypsis to get a bigger fanbase outside of the Netherlands.

After all
This is what Crypsis said about the remix by Brennan Heart: “I know Fabian (Brennan Heart) for a long time. Some years ago he promised me a remix, but he was busy and i was busy. Till Program Hostile there was no chance to get a remix from him. When I was busy with my new album I asked him again for a remix and this time he had the time to make the track. It was great that he made the track after all he is an euphoric dj and he is a raw hardstyle dj. The vibe in that track is all about Brennan Heart and it fits perfectly in the story that I wanna tell in Program Hostile. I am so happy with it!”.

The remix of ‘Break Down Low’ will come out on the album Program Hostile, which will be released on the 24th of September at Supremacy.

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