Peter de Valck
By Peter de Valck

Ever since 2002 fans of the harder styles have found their way to the grounds of Decibel outdoor. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, or your annual tradition, one thing is for sure: August 20, one day, that can be extended to an entire weekend for the real die-hards.

In the past 15 year Decibel has experienced many great memories with the loyal crowd. From extreme heat to a bizarre day filled with rain last year. It all doesn’t matter, because the crowd turns it into a legendary event every time. And that’s all that matters for b2s. Check out the best facts of the past 15 years of DE-CI-BEL!

In the past 15 years…

1. you have partied a total of 154 hours and 24 days at Decibel.

veel uur gefeest

2. you have seen 1050 artists at Decibel.
veel dj's gezien

3. 25.000 people have worked during Decibel.
decibel 11

4. more than a million liters of beer has been consumed.
decibel 5

5. you have visited 182 areas at Decibel and saw 15 main stages.
15x mainstage gezien

6. there have been over 500.000 visitors at Decibel.
half miljoen bezoekers

7. you have seen 210 minutes of firework at Decibel, which comes down to 15.000 kilos.
decibel 1

8. a staggering 780.000 kilos steel has been used on the Decibel terrain, as well as 450.000 screws.
decibel 10

9. over 100 kilometers of fence has been used.

10. 1500 kilos of confetti has been shot into the air at the Pussy Lounge stage.
decibel 8

11. over 300,000 tie-wraps have been used.


12. 10.000 kilos of French fries have been eaten, as well as 7000 frikadellen.

friet en frikandellen

Did you know that…

13. the terrain is approximately 1,5 kilometers long?
groot terrein

14. during Decibel 2012 it got as hot as 37 degrees celsius?
decibel 3

15. the first edition of Decibel took place at night?
decibel outdoor indoor

16. Decibel has switched terrains three times? Recreational area Binnenmaas from 2002 to 2004, Lingebos, Gorinchem in 2005 and from 2006 Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek.
terrein gewisseld

17. the widest stage ever was 120 meters wide?
decibel 2010-2

18. the highest stage was 76 meters high and from 2013? It was so high that b2s had to place a red light at the top to prevent airplanes from crashing into it. 

decibel 9

This year the numbers will definitely be turned up a notch. Are you ready for the 2016 edition? Tickets for Decibel outdoor are still available at the official website

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