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By Nina van Zelst

After they created the 2018 OST ‘The Inner Circle’ at the beginning of this year, they now get to perform an exclusive surprise-act at Loudness: The Intensity of Sound on the 10th of November. We talked to Clockartz (Konstantin and Sebastian) and Chris One (Martin) about their collaborations, Loudness and their thoughts on the scene. 

The three men have collaborated a lot in the past: they created a remix for Ran-D’s ‘Crossroads’ and have shared quite some stages. Furthermore they of course produced ‘The Inner Circle‘ this year. These collaborations are a logical choice for them, since the men are also really good friends. Clockartz: “We played on a lot of bookings together and had many deep and long talks about music in general. When our music got more known we always could ask Martin for tips and feedback.“ Chris One agrees and thinks the two acts work very well together: “We quite naturally find a cool blend between an old school foundation and forward thinking concepts. Hard kicks and experimenting is a recipe for success.“ 

“We worked over 4 months on this anthem, every day from from the moment the sun came up“

As mentioned before, Clockartz and Chris One created the OST for the Klokgebouw edition of Loudness 2018. Sebastian and Konstantin explain what they tried to achieve with this track: “We feel Loudness over the years lost a little bit of the magic that it used to have, so we really tried to bring back that feeling that made Loudness stand out to any other party. Dark, industrial, atmopsheric music with really heavy kicks.“ Martin agrees: “Loudness has morphed into a much more “broad” term, that sometimes gets lost and is just seen as another word for “raw hardstyle”. With this track, we are showing that the foundations that built this is still alive and kicking.“ They worked very hard to achieve this feeling of Loudness in the track, so Clockartz tell: “We worked over 4 months on this anthem. Every day from from the moment the sun came up.“ 

Unfortunately, the track has never been released. Chris One explains the reason behind this was that the track was finished just before the Klokgebouw event. “b2s therefore wanted to release it closely after the event, but we thought it would not make the impact the track deserved.“ The men convinced b2s to release the track in the lead-up for the edition in November, since it was made as an anthem for the whole of 2018. “Now the preview will be online shortly and the enitre track will be released this month!“ 

Since ‘The Inner Circle’ will be released this month, the two acts also get to perform an exclusive surprise-act at Loudness: The Intensity of Sound. Both Clockartz and Chris One have a lot of new music ready for this perfomance. Clockartz: “We just finished 3 new tracks for the event. All three fits our vision on Loudness but all of them connect in a different way.“ Also Chris One is being mysterious about a new collaboration: “A couple of weeks ago I ran into an old friend at Genesis. We used to make some cool tracks together and after a couple of beers we decided to make a follow up.“

“The current raw scene is more quantity over quality and this had impact on concepts like Loudness“

The three are anything but strangers to Loudness. All have performed there multiple times and got to see the event evolve up close. Chris One played there in 2010 already and feels like the music is what changed the most about Loudness. “Back in the beginning the sound was darker and maybe a little more slow paced. Today, it’s less focussed on the darkness and more on the energy. Even more light hearted music (for example stuff like “rawphoric”) gets played.“ Also Clockartz has been there since 2013 and saw Loudness change because of the rise of the current raw scene. “The current raw scene in general is more quantity over quality and this also had impact on concepts like Loudness. There is a whole new generation attending parties and they have different expectations of the music. Everything needs to be faster and harder and personally we feel that the music lost a part of her soul with that.“ They do mention on the bright side, there is still a lot of energy in the crowd.

Loudness will be held at the Maassilo in Rotterdam: an iconic location where the event has hold their ground for many years now. Chris One feels like the Maassilo represents the concept of Loudness very well. “The location just speaks for itself. Old fabrik with old machines, industrial, mechanical, dark atmosphere, hall everywhere. Thats how Loudness was and is!“ Martin continues by explaining the vibe that the Maassilo bring to the event: “The atmosphere in the venue reflects the feeling in the music. A real “bunker” type vibe that I personally enjoy a lot!“

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, schoenen

“This means new and differerent chances to bring our music to the next level“

For the future, all have loads of new music that they will be releasing soon. For example, Clockartz will premier their new collab with Deetox very soon. “We are also releasing all music that was played this summer. Next up will be the Loudness Anthem and INFINITVM.“ Besides new music, the two also sind a new musical deal with Cloud 9 and Q-dance on which they had been working for over a year. “For us this means new and differerent chances to bring our music to the next level.“ Also Chris One has planned to release quite some new music: “I’m working on two collaborations and a couple of solotracks. Inspiriation in overflood so expect some new Chris One music coming your way.“ 

Are you still in doubt about visiting Loudness on the 10th of November? Chris One makes it easy for you: “Dude really? This is a party you don’t want to miss out on. Perfect location, sick lineup and best anthem ever…“ Clockartz: “Just for b2s & Hard News we updated our Spotify with our Loudness favorites, it will be up and running this week so tune in and subscribe if you love the classical Loudness feeling. If you don’t know what we are talking about, just play some of it, we are sure you’ll love it!“

Footage via Facebook-page Clockartz

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