Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

The duo Clockartz, that recently stormed the charts with their track ‘Rockafella’, have gotten a massive amount of support from Roughstate. They recently revealed their very first live-act at Q-BASE and besides that they will also bring their own label.

This label should help their creativity spring and it seems like their full of it.

“On Q-BASE we will present our new liveact in the hangar. A liveact needs to be special so we will try to bring new influences in our music. We are experimenting with techno, oldschool hardstyle, minimal and anything else that we think that sounds cool. To be able to do this we need total creative freedom – no boundaries no limitations. That for it’s time for us to release our own music platform “Delirium Music”.

Our first release is the so called “title track” of the label, the follow up of ‘Rockafella’, and a kick ass track. ‘Delirium’ will be hitting digital portals this week. Extented DJ Mixes can be requested and will be released later this year.”

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