Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

Last year Q-dance pulled the plug out of Q-BASE, but there is good news. It finally turns out that IMPAQT will be the replacement of the event and now there’s a lot more information available about the successor at Airport Weeze.

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The brand new event will have plenty of unique festival experiences. IMPAQT will take place during both day and night time from 14:00 hours until 02:00 hours and there will be lots of different area’s at the festival. For instance, three different titans will each get there own territory. Each terrority includes several area’s with their own genre and big line-up. According to Q-dance, the genres at the festival are hardstyle, raw hardstyle and hardcore.

‘The Titan Showcase’ is a brand new Q-dance experience that will have its premiere at IMPAQT. This means that a select group of visitors can enter the festival two hours earlier, that means before the official festival will even open its doors. The show consists a live performance from one of the most popular acts of the harder styles at the moment.

“Brace yourself for IMPAQT!”

Q-dance can’t wait for the start of the new event: “We are really enthusiastic about IMPAQT. Dropping a new event gives us the chance to approach the phenomenon festival again. It feels as a liberation to go outside the borders. That’s how ‘The Titan Showcase’ got realized from desire to bring something very unique. At the same time, we stayed true to the important Q-dance values: line-up, stages and shows of the highest level. Because we’re returning to Airport Weeze, a popular location among the fans, we believe the festival will feel like coming home. We’re extremely proud that we can share IMPAQT with the world now. Brace yourself for IMPAQT!”

Q-dance reveals more about IMPAQT 2019

The brand new event will take place at Saturday 7 September 2019. There will be 3 kinds of tickets available: early bird, regular and titan. With a titan ticket, visitors get access to the special ‘The Titan Showcase’. Tickets will be on sale at Saturday 25 May 2019 at the official website of Q-dance.

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