Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Only a few months ago, D-Sturb annouced his brand new live-act: ‘The Next Level’. 6 levels, 6 challenges for 6 unique performances. The first level has been completed, so we talked to D-Sturb about the upcoming level, the meaning behind the live-act and his career so far. 

The idea for this unique concept came a few months ago, when Jorrit had the feeling there was still something missing about his live-act. “My first ‘normal’ live-act was at Supremacy 2017 and after that I did such a live-act about 3 times. I was still missing something, so I sat down with a team to look at how we could make my live-act more special. I wanted to bring something in which the music stands out, but the music lover also experiences a story and a sick show.“ This then resulted in ‘The Next Level’, which took some time to turn into reality. “It was quite a process to make new music, edits, animations and an entire show.“ 

“I’ll do everything in my power to get the same reactions for the upcoming 5 live-acts“

Even though it was a lot of work, they made it happen before the end of 2018 and they made the live-act to represent D-Sturb his career. “I’m in a game that challenges me to get the most out of my music. Each of the 6 live-acts are different levels in the game and each level represents a moment in my career. But can I achieve ‘the ultimate’?“ So in the live-acts the visitor is witnessing Jorrit his ‘journey to self-discoveryand of course we talk about his different stages. With Level 1: The Dream, D-Sturb started on his series of acts. This level therefore represents a 16 years old Jorrit starting with producing. “After a year of practising a lot and listening to hardstyle all the time, the dream about turning this hobby into a career first came to my mind.“  

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, lopende mensen, staande mensen, buiten en binnen

During this year’s Supremacy the first level was showcased, which was a logical choice for Jorrit. “Supremacy is one of the biggest indoorevents of the hardstyle scene, so to launch my new live-act here was amazing: a large and dedicated audience, big lights and a sick lasershow.“ The reactions on the new act were better than he could have dreamed. “For me it was the highlight of my career so far. I have enjoyed it so much and I still am! The reactions are so good and I couldn’t have hoped for more. I’ll do everything in my power to get the same reactions for the upcoming 5 live-acts.“ 

“Ever since then I’ve been on the radar of many“

The next live-act, Level 2: The Beginning, is planned for the sold out Shockerz – Subject Hostile, that will take place the 15th of December at the Autotron in Rosmalen. “Shockerz really is one of my favorite events. Last year I got to make the anthem and play it at the new location, the Autotron. This location really spoke to me and when Shockerz asked me I had zero doubts. “ A perfect match with ‘The Next Level’, according to D-Sturb. “I believe Shockerz is an organisation which continuely comes out with new things. I am a huge fan of their concept-thinking.“ Jorrit explains we can also expect new music, edits and a grand show for the second level.

Level 3: The Breakthrough will take place during Reverze and is the last level of which the time and place of the D-Sturb perfomance is known. The moment when Jorrit felt he had a breakthrough as D-Sturb, came after the remix of ‘Warface & Frequencerz – Menace‘. “When I signed at Most Wanted DJ Agency in November of 2015, I soon got the chance to remix ‘Menace’. This remix was received by the audience so well, that it really felt like my breakthrough. Ever since then I’ve been on the radar of many, and also my tracks new tracks spread quickly.“ 

“I try to mix euphoric with raw: that’s really my identity“

The second to last stage is Level 5: The Darkness, which represents D-Sturb his dark sound. “With ‘darkness’ I refer to the variation in the style in which I produce. I try to mix euphoric with raw: I really see this as my identity. Level 5 therefore is about my raw and darker side.“ According to Jorrit, his tracks such as ‘Apocalyptic Darkness’, ‘Testarossa’ and ‘Drop Em Down’ are good examples.

D-Sturb ends his series of live-acts with Level 6: The Ultimatum. Jorrit can’t tell us yet which ultimatum this represents. “I just finished level 1 and I still have to win 5 more levels. That’s where I lay my focus now.“ He can tell us why you don’t want to miss out on the performances. “Each level is unique, with its own theme and I will preview a track which can only be heard during that level.“ For the future, D-Sturb also has big things planned. “Last month, my collabs with Sefa, Radical Redemption and Devin Wild have been released. In November, ‘Universe’ (with High Voltage) and ‘Once Again’ (with E-Force) will come out. I’m also working on many new projects, among others some solo projects and collabs which I’m really looking forward to!

The next level will take place at the 15th of December during Shockerz – Subject Hostile. Tickets are not available anymore, since the event is 100% sold out. 

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