Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

D-Sturb is a name which has proved himself countless times as being one of the most promising talents in the Hardstyle scene today. His raw tracks have been played at the biggest festivals and he’s not planning to stop anytime soon. Earlier he announced that he had signed with Most Wanted DJ for his bookings, and now he revealed that from July on he will be the newest addition to Warface’s label End of Line.

The youngster D-Sturb revealed the news in a recent interview. He also spilled some more details about his two collabs with Warface. One of them will be more of a euphoric track with nice summer vibes. Wait, Warface & D-Sturb are creating a track with summer vibes?! We need to hear this! The other collab will be very dark and very raw, just as you can expect from these guys.

“Warface we are working on two tracks. One is quite euphoric with nice summer-vibes and the other one will be dark and very raw.”

Besides the collaborations with Warface, D-Sturb has also made a new track with High Voltage. And plans have been made for a collab with Sub Zero Project.


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