Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Decibel outdoor is going to unpack this summer with a huge program for all weekend visitors. Besides the massive festival line-up, you will find an extensive range of afterparties, a brand new hang-out on the water and the infamous 24-hour café. “The WKND is for the LOUDEST citizens, where the rave never stops!”

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According to the many visitors, the Decibel outdoor camping (including the afterparties) is one of the highlights of the year. Organization B2S lives up to this reputation and has just revealed the line-up: this is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’, because even more specials are announced for The WKND that will continue the party after the festival.

The WKND line-up:

Adjuzt | Apex presents: The Colorhood | Bass Chaserz | Crossfight | Cryex | Crypton | Digital Punk | Dither | Divinez | Doris | Dr Rude | E-Force | Furyan | Geck-O presents: Hard Techno | Gridkiller | Imperatorz | Imperial | Jason Payne presents: Break the Rules | Jones presents: Hardstyle Classics Journey | Juliëx | Jur Terreur | Luner | Major Conspiracy | Manifest Destiny | Mr. Ivex | Nosferatu | Noxiouz | Outsiders | PRDX | Ransom | Rayvolt | Restrained | Retrospect | Røza | Rude Convict | Spitnoise | Spoontechnicians | Stormerz | The Saints | Tukkertempo | Unfused

“At RAVERS PARADISE, the party never stops”

It’s party time until the sun rises in Ravers Paradise. Within walking distance, you’ll find everything you need to keep on partying: with the infamous 24-HOUR RAVE CAFÉ and the PARADISE CLUB that hosts the biggest artists. “There’s also a new hotspot: THE HANG-OUT at the lakeside campground, which also has a FULL music program.”

“We offer a completely new campsite: RAVERS RESORT”

Many of you know that there are many wild animals on the Beekse Bergen, but RAVERS RESORT also offers space for luxury horses. At the still available Friends Fields and camping spots, you’ll find yourself here with all the comfort you need in a much quieter place than Ravers Paradise. Perfect for anyone who wants to take a break with all the comforts between all the partying. When you are rested, you can easily walk back to the part with all the nighttime activities.

Do you want to spend a weekend in The Loudest City on Earth with more than 300 artists in 3 days? There are still a few tickets with camping place and accommodations available, so be quick and go to the official Decibel outdoor website.

Footage taken from Facebook page Decibel outdoor

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