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Decibel Outdoor wants to expand its camping area to 20.000 guests. That is 7.500 more than last years maximum, when the weekend guests resided on a new terrain at Beekse Bergen for the first time.

Last Friday there was a trial in Breda about the permits for Decibel Outdoor, filed by one of the local residents. Ever since the camping moved to the new location he has been experiencing a lot more nuisance. He also doesn’t agree with the camping arrangement that the festival offers. It means that he and his family are ‘suffering’ from the fact that the festival takes place from Friday to Sunday.

Last year Decibel Outdoor also requested a permit for a campsite with 20.000 guests. In consultation with the fire department, the police and other emergency services the town of Hilvarenbeek decided to grant the festival permission for (only) 12.500 campers. Decibel is still aiming at those 20.000 camping guests, said a representative of b2s during the hearing.

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