Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

A new member of the hardstyle family is coming. Deetox has just announced that she’s expecting a baby and therefor she’ll be having a break from performing.

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Deetox’s baby is coming in January 2019, so Ms. Bring The Riot will do two more bookings. After she has done them, she’ll be going on a break, but that doesn’t mean we can’t expect new music from her coming up. “I’ll be finishing and releasing a lot of new tracks in the upcoming months!”, says the pregnant DJ on her social media.

Deetox on a break: baby will be born in January 2019

After being struck by lightning in 2017, which almost never happens to anyone, Deetox is now about to become a mother. How’s that for a turn around? Congratulations, Diana!

Cover image taken from Facebook page Deetox

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