Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The biggest festival of the harder styles possibly returns to the land where they go loose like no other. After the announcement that Defqon.1 Chile would pull the plug by organisation Q-dance, the book of the South American version of the festival was closed. But, good news for all the fans out there, because this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…

Parent company SFX, who bought ID&T and Q-dance earlier, is no longer and lives further under the brand new name of LiveStyle since the end of last year. With this change they hope to get rid of the bad reputation of it’s predecessor and to make a fresh start under the new name. It has also got a slick new website, on which they have listed all their festivals, categorized by different continents. It turns out that the list of South America includes the festival where a lot of Chileans were hoping for. Defqon 2018 Chile seems to be back in action again.

So it might be the case that the harder styles festival returns to Chile, after one year of absence. This is a wish coming true for a lot of South Americans. After MC Villain announced the Chilean version of the festival at Defqon.1 in Biddinghuizen (The Netherlands), it made it’s debut in December 2015 on the other side of the world. After Defqon.1 Australia, the Chilean version was now finally born. Viva Chile!

It made a lot of sense to the majority that a sequal of Defqon.1 Chile was coming up. And just like the first time, the artists and fans came back from the second edition with the craziest stories about the festival. An atmosphere like at Defqon.1 Chile is almost impossible to find elsewhere. Some even say that indescribable. But nevertheless, Q-dance announced that it would make an end to Defqon.1 on South American soil and this way the adventure of Chile had died.

When we take a look at the LiveStyle website, then Defqon 2018 Chile will be held at the same place as a couple of years ago. October 2018 is the date that has been put in the description. So it might be just only one year away from now…

Cover image via Facebook-page Defqon.1


  • Jose 11 September 2017 - 17:10

    Guys this is confirmed by official sources to be fake. Please delete this article because you’re only creating false expectations.


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