Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Attention fitness and festival enthusiasts, because Defqon.1 is releasing its own line of supplements called Warrior Workout. Grab the shaker, because from today the largest harder styles festival in the world has its own pre- and post-workout, in collaboration with XXL Nutrition.

READ: “A full weekend filled with all harder styles at Defqon.1 is indescribable”

According to many visitors, a weekend at Defqon.1 is quite intensive (especially now that the festival lasts 4 days). That is why there is now the Warrior Workout supplement line: with the Primal Energy Pre-Workout for the necessary energy, to achieve optimal results during intensive exercise. Whether you’ve given it your all in the gym or at a festival: the Recharge Post-Workout will help you recover your body.

“Four days of Defqon.1 is a serious matter, you could almost call it top sport”, says Jonas Schmidt (Creative Director of Q-dance). “We want our visitors to be in their best shape. In the run-up to the festival, we’ll regularly come up with new 20-minute full body work-out videos. There will be a physical gym on the festival site and we will tackle the Warrior Workout moment on Saturday morning during the festival with a massive show. There are more than enough reasons to partner with XXL Nutrition and to strive together for the highest quality, both in sport and at the festival!”

‘Whether it’s a visit to the gym or to dance your socks off at Defqon.1: the Warrior Workout supplements give you the desired boost to get the best out of yourself and to recover optimally from your intensive efforts’

The supplements from the Defqon.1 Warrior Workout line are now available in different flavors such as Orange and Red Fruit via www.q-dance.com/warriorworkout or www.xxlnutrition.com. Ready for a Warrior Workout?

Defqon.1 Warrior Workout pre post supplements XXL Nutrition

Footage taken from Facebook Defoqn.1 / Q-dance

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