Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Last year in November a picture with Digital Punk and Evil Activities together in the studio appeared on Facebook. They immediately told their fans that it wasn’t just a visit, because they have been studio-neighbours for over six years, but that they’re working on a collab. When the question whether or not it would be a hardstyle or hardcore track arose, they quickly responded with “Hardcore!”

It has happened before that artists start a collab but can’t find the time to finish it, because of their busy schedules. That seemed to be the case here as well, because things became awfully quiet in the months after. Now, after six months, a new picture appeared making it clear that both gentlemen are indeed going to finish this track.

Are you curious how it will sound? Check out one of the latest tracks from Digital Punk and Evil Activities, so you’ll kinda know what to expect.

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