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By Bob Ligthart

Last weekend, D-Block & S-te-Fan have performed at the mainstage of Intents Festival with their live act, just like D-sturb. Besides that, the DJs have also played with the three of them at the event and now they’re planning to make a track together: Who wants a collab with D-Sturb.”

Not only D-Block & S-te-Fan gave a hint about the collab with the message, since D-Sturb also reacted below the photo showing he wants it too. Besides that, the duo that’s also known for their live-act ‘Ghost Stories’, said to Intents Festival Magazine there will come a couple of collaborations in 2019. So the artists are seem to make a first collab, but it’s not the first time their ideas come together. Earlier this year, the raw hardstyle DJ already made a remix of the track ‘Sound of Thunder’ for the duo.

D-Sturb has more news, since he said to the magazine of Intents Festival there will come something big at the end of the year. Saturday, he succesfuly completed the last level of his live act ‘The Next Level’ and there’s already coming new stuff about a time.

D-Block & S-te-Fan are getting in the studio with D-Sturb for their first collab

The artists will make a track together in all probability, but it’s not clear when this collab will be finished. To keep up to date about this collaboration, go to the Instagram-page of D-Block & S-te-Fan.


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