Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

It looks like D-Sturb has big plans for this year. His Instagram story unveils something remarkable on the desk, which could possibly be his upcoming new project.

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No one can ignore the fact that D-Sturb likes to work in themes – especially since the mega success of his The Next Level act. In a special six-part series of performances, D-Sturb went all over the world, with hard edits of his remarkable tracks and he closed in style with a sold-out solo event. With that in mind,  it could be possible that this will be followed up this year.

It’s not for nothing that you have to watch what you post on social media these days. Because the observant gamers see in his story that there is a special (and especially personal) object on D-Sturb’s desk. It is a customised game from the End of Line DJ: once again in a game theme and even his logo is in the bottom corner… Is this what we think it is, or is it too good to be true..?

High hopes for a possible new D-Sturb adventure: “Loading something new”

Although it is not 100 percent certain at the moment that he will come up with something, it seems that 1+1=2 and it would be great if a new concept would come up. So far, D-Sturb has not responded to these speculations.

Footage taken from Facebook page D-Sturb / Shockerz

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