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Dominator Festival gives a special behind-the-scenes insight. In order to give you a sneak preview of the gigantic mainstage in advance, it has enlisted the help of De Zandtovenaar – a sand artist who has made a sketch of the largest hardcore mainstage in the world. “A symbol of defiance and strength.”

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The design of the Dominator mainstage is a big part of the largest hardcore festival in the world. This showpiece is the face of the world’s leading hardcore festival and every year organisations Art of Dance and Q-dance surprise visitors with these unique creations. Such as a motocross track in the stage in 2015, a huge LED wall in 2019 and the roller coaster with a clown’s head in 2022.

Pay attention, because that gigantic mainstage is of unprecedented class this year. Angerfist LIVE, Mad Dog, Sefa and Spitnoise presents Mix The Future and among others will be performing here – together with a gigantic show, the N-Vitral anthem and thousands of gabbers around you. Also, De Zandtovenaar is making his debut here: he not only provides shows on national television, but has also taken care of The Core Citadel, according to Dominator in an exclusive sneak peek below. “Emerging from the sands of time, witness De Zandtovenaar’s mesmerizing sand art bring Dominator 2024’s mainstage to life.”

As the icing on the hardcore cake, this Dominator mainstage can also be experienced through brand-new experiences. This stage is already a pretty sight from the dancefloor or during the endshow, but what did you think from the breakdance, the Ferris wheel or from the new reversed zipline: “Did you think flying on a zipline over the mainstage crowd last year was insane? Get ready to zipline to the top of our mighty mainstage. How you get back in the crowd? We’ll keep that a secret…”

Dominator raises the bar even higher for the mainstage and the festival

Dominator – The Core Citadel will be held on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 July 2024 at the beautiful beach of Eersel. Head to the festival’s official website for tickets and more information – in addition to some Saturday tickets, there are also options to stay at the campsite for a weekend of hardcore.


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  • General Fangirl 26 June 2024 - 14:37

    Dominator is a Germanic parody of Mortal Kombat.

    The adults kept me from going out for all school holidays because I told everyone the truth :(


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