Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Last weekend the Q-dance anniversary event took place: DEDIQATED. One of the thousands of visitors uniting in the GelreDome really took the crown when it came to dedication, since he prepared over 2 months for the event. 

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Koen did this by creating a 15 hours (!) lasting warm-up mix, which he worked on day & night for 2 months straight. In this immense mix you get to enjoy 20 years of hardstyle in over 300 tracks: from The Space We Created’, ‘Live The Moment’ and ‘The Main MF’ to ‘Still Here’, ‘The Temple’ and ‘Lost in Paradise’. You were also able to spot Koen in the DEDIQATED Magazine – which went to press the very same day of the event – as the “bold dude who breathes dedication”.

“A reminder of the music and sounds we all truly love.
A reminder of the soul it carries.
A reminder of its purpose.
A reminder of the influence this music can have on our lives.
And a reminder of all the memories, friends, adventures, challenges, lessons and good times hardstyle has brought us throughout the years.

The scene has had an insanely huge (positive) impact on my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. Therefore I am grateful, and thus happy to give back by sharing this project. This was a selection of tracks from the past 20 years of Hardstyle.”

“1 mix, 20 years of hardstyle, 300 tracks, 15 hours of pleasure “

You can already listen to the second part of this huge warm-up down below. Head over to Koen his SoundCloud for the full 15 hours of hardstyle classics!

Footage via Facebook-page Q-dance 

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