Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

It is not uncommon a track is very popular before it’s released officially. This was also the case for a collaboration between D-Sturb and Sefa: ‘Nothing Like The Oldschool’. After months of waiting, you can finally add the 200 BPM track to your own playlist. 

Right now, the track has become so popular there are not many harder styles fans that haven’t heard it yet: you had the chance to admire it at Emporium, Intents Festival, Dominator, Decibel outdoor, the HWS Episode 79 and so on.

The long-awaited collab between D-Sturb & Sefa

Nothing Like The Oldschool’ has been officially released at the Masters of Hardcore label and is available for download via all platforms. You’ll find D-Sturb at Shockerz soon with his new live-act and Sefa will play at Project One this weekend, where you’ll most likely get to hear the new track live.

Footage via Facebook-page D-Sturb

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