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By Hard News

A while ago Frontliner announced that he would be giving away a big samplepack, including a lot of his own kicks. After this announcement the amount of popcorn being sold rose by 200%. Let’s see what this pack is all about.

According to Frontliner, this is what the samplepack contains:

908 Hardstyle samples
– 80 Hardstyle effect sounds
– 377 Hardstyle kick sounds
– 26 Hardstyle loops
– 284 Hardstyle percussion sounds
– 141 Hardstyle synth sounds

From the looks of it, it seems like he’s giving away his entire database. It will be available in several download portals (Beatport.com) soon, for about $40,- and will solely consist of .WAV sounds, and can be used in any DAW.¬†Frontliner said the following about it:

“Every great artist wants to make their own sound but that doesn’t mean you can’t use my samples to refer to while making your own. Or to make your mix better to analyze other things that might need improvement. In the end, when your creative enough you will be able to make a track and sounds. Consider it a helping hand and all you guys would recognize the samples when a producer brings out a track containing them anyway.”



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