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By Hard News

By now practically everyone must have heard of Warface‘s succes story. After his first album ‘Art of War’ he didn’t intend to stop and quickly released his second album ‘The Nine Circles’. But even that didn’t stop him, because Warface keeps producing one track after another.

It’s also Youri’s birthday today, so hooray! This year we try to take a moment at someone’s birthday and look at a few of his tracks that have been very meaningful to their career. They’re not necessarily his best, but we believe you’ll still enjoy listening to them. Happy birthday!

Warface – Killer Itch

Warface – Bloodshed

Warface – Show Me Your Warface

Warface – FTP

Warface – Schizophrenics

Warface – Leviathan

Warface – Catalyst

Warface – Mash Up 5.0

Warface – Fuck You Pay Me

Warface – The Violent Storm

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