Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

In The Netherlands, hardstyle has been a known genre for years. However, in other parts of the world, this hasn’t particularly been the case. As Dutchies, we have been lucky to have had our 90’s filled with tracksuits and bold heads. Other countries have not had this gabberrevolution, and are, as a result, less blessed when talking about hardstyle. Other countries like Italy and Australia have been marked red on the hardstyle-heatmap as well. Germany, France and Scandanavian countries are known to grant us hardstyle talent. Our neighbours on the other side of the ocean seem to keep it quiet though. Does that mean there aren’t any American DJ/producers or does this mean they slip through our European scope? 

Even though we spot a lot of our big artists in the U.S.A., we hardly ever see American artists over here. That doesn’t mean the genre is dead in the U.S.A.: well-known companies like Q-dance show up as hosts at large festivals and new party organisations like Basscon boost the American partyscene. Because of all this, it is time to shine light upon the American hardstyle scene.

American hardstyle-artists

The 27 year old David Markov is not only a dj/producer, but also the owner of his own label: Bitcreate Media. Even though it has been a bit quiet around his label, it has known several highlights. Former Bitcreate-artist Riliz, now known as Heatwavez has joined DWX Anarchy to name one. The German artist has progressed big time.

Besides the labelwork, Markove aims his efforts in studio at the euphoric side of the scene. He has made the Fantasyland Festival 2016 too. Even though a festival like that is totally different to what we’re used to in the Netherlands, it is clear that the love for the music is just as present as at a Dutch festival. Make sure to check out tracks like Markove’s last track ‘Fear‘ or his Fantasyland anthem ‘Legend‘. Follow him at his official page.

The next American duo consists of Deoxy and Hardphonix. Together, they form Imperium. The two of them are responsible for this year’s Hardstyle Arena anthem: ‘Salvation’. They made this one together with Kriss and MC Sik-Wit-It, who has worked with The Pitcher among others. The anthem has been released on Denver Hard Dance, which has a hosting on Hard Island Croatia. In 2017, the gentlemen had a B2B set with Frontliner in Amsterdam. The duo does not limit themselves to merely hardstyle: they also produce french- and hardcore. Their Facebook-page can be found here.

DWX Anarchy-signed Mrotek is from the States too. This artist from Arizona has made the Black Magic 2017 anthem, a remix for Sub Sonik and a collab with Riiho to name a few. Like Imperium, Mrotek does not limit himself to just hardstyle: his track ‘The Dark’ together with Tim Shopp was released on Partyraiser Recordings. Besides that, he has gotten support from guys like Regain, Unresolved and Caine. His socials can be found here.

Last but not least, we’ll take a look at Keiji. This X-Bone-DJ has played around the globe at events like the famous Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas. His style can be described as uplifting and a real summer track. However, don’t be fooled: this does not mean ‘soft’. His kicks are phat and his tracks have balls. Good examples are ‘Atmosphere’ and his bootleg of ‘Post Malone – I Fall Apart’. So if you’re looking for some real quality euphoric hardstyle, definitely check out Keiji!

Cover picture through Facebook-pages of Keiji, Mrotek, Markove & Imperium


  • Bernd Kasten 29 November 2019 - 03:35

    I am quite late in finding this list, but thank you! My hope in US hardcore and hardstyle has been restored. I am German born but US raised and have loved hardcore/style/gabber since the mid 90’s when I stumbled upon my first Happy 2b compilation by Hixxy. I then progress to Rotterdamn Terror Corps, MOH, Neophyte etc. Yet could not find anything like them here. The closest I found were some Hard-House main stage dj’s who are excellent at their craft, but do not focus on the harder styles. So I had given up hope many years ago for a true stage in America for the most amazing music and music community out there. Imperium’s track above “salvation” was amazing. You have cheered my orange heart , thank you!


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