Lisa van den Broek
By Lisa van den Broek

We already knew that Headhunterz and Sound Rush like to be together in the studio. Their collab ‘Rescue Me’ has more than one million views on YouTube and maybe the tree gentlemen are going to make another track together.

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Sound Rush is posting this news on their Facebook-page and they ask if their followers are interested in another collab. “Who wants a follow up!?”, that is what the twins are asking. A lot of people are giving a positive reaction on the question. I looks like they are back in the studio together soon.

Another collab between Headhunterz and Sound Rush

That Headhunterz and Sound Rush are good friends are apparent from the many things they do together. Headhunterz is filming the twins very often on his Instagram-stories and they where his supporting act at the Up Close and Personal show. A new collab can certainly not be excluded.

Picture via Facebook-page Sound Rush

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